Terms of Service

Refund Policy

For cancellations within 24 hour time period or no-shows, we refund 50% of the amount only. We also charge a 30% rescheduling fee if you want to change your time slot. We offer 100% refund if we are not able to accomodate you, or if you cancel 24 hours before your actual time slot.

Safety clauses

We will give you protective equipments to safeguard yourself and also keep a first aid kit handy. But we can’t help you if you hit yourself. But pinky promise – your safety is our top priority and we are going to be there to help you at every step of the way.

Minimum age requirement

Only adults of 18+ years of age are allowed to use it. Sorry teeangers, you’ve to wait until you can use this. But maybe fill in your details here and we’ll let you know if we open to teenagers of 13+ years with parental permission.

Items we accept

Things such as: Flat Screen TVs, Printers, Computers, Electronics, Glassware, Picture Frames, Mirrors, Tables, Breakable Chairs, Ceramics, Mugs etc.

Items we cannot accept

Things such as:Microwaves, CRT TVs or other items with CRT (Box TVs or Box Monitors), thermometers, animals/taxidermy/plants , any high voltage items that poses capacitor shock (even after being unplugged), batteries, smoke alarms, light bulbs, food items, any item that has hazardous materials, any item that has liquid, any item that is pressurized, flammable, or poses explosion risk, any items that may have gas released when punctured (ex: compressors, aerosol cans, etc), items that have mold, mildew, or other liquid damage, guns or bullets, needles or other medical supplies, drug paraphernalia, any containers that held chemicals/hazardous materials (ex: gas cans) . We may refuse any item we deem unsafe for the rage room.

Privacy assured

We understand that the society frowns on expressions of dark anger, and we promise to protect your privacy at all costs. We dont record anything, and no one will know you visited us if you request absolute anonymity. We’ll also erase your data from our systems on request.


By making the payment, you are agreeing to our terms of service. We reserve the right to refuse service to any one found in intoxicated state.