Empowering Bangaloreans to blow off steam

Oh God, there have been so so many times I’ve been frustrated and wanted to take it out. But I gotta be quiet for my dog and my safety too. Plus, I can’t destroy things in my home now, can I?

This idea sprouted when I was complaining to a friend – and we were discussing breaking things. Here is the chat screenshot that gave birth to this physical space.

Just a regular chat between two friends on 11th January talking about random stuff

A strong need to have a rage room in Bangalore – and the realisation that nothing exists here yet

Keep an eye on this page – it will be updated with clear values, personal experiences of multiple people and the need of Bangalore citizens by February 2023.

Request for Investment & Support

All cool ideas need strong backing to fly off the shelf. Here’s a request for help! Be it financial, networking, sourcing items, donating your trash – the things you want to be destroyed – do reach out to me and let’s see how we can collaborate to help each other. I’ll also be happy to share the pitch deck if you’re looking to join on board as an angel investor with fabulous exit returns.


The concept of rage rooms first arose out of Japan in the early 2000s as a way for people to safely express their angst. Originally called “susuji karuta” or “textile ripping”, this practice was a form of catharsis which allowed people to release pent up emotions without resorting to violence. The idea quickly spread from Japan to other parts of Asia and eventually reached Europe by 2004.

In 2008, Poland became one of the first countries outside of Asia to open its own rage rooms, calling it “rage studios” instead. Soon after that, locations opened across Europe and even Los Angeles in 2010. And by 2016, Canada had opened its doors with the launch of Canada’s first-ever Rage Room located in Toronto.

Since then, rage rooms have continued to pop up all over North America due to their immense popularity among local residents looking for an outlet for their anger and frustration through physical catharsis. The concept has also been adopted by therapists who are recommending them as part of their patient’s treatment regime when traditional talk therapy isn’t enough. Today, you can find Rage Rooms scattered across a variety of cities including Toronto, New York City, San Francisco and Denver on any given day offering customers the opportunity to safely let out frustration in an environmentally friendly manner complete with protective gear that must be worn at all times .

Whether you are looking for an occasional stress reliever or couple’s activity there is an increasing demand from consumers today who are turning towards Rage Rooms as an alternative outlet for expressing emotions – making this innovative space even more popular than ever before!