Release the Roar

🔥 Feeling the burn of defeat? Don’t bottle it up; let it out! Join us at “Release the Roar” – India’s Premier Rage Room Experience. Smash, bash, and crash away your cricket woes in a safe and controlled environment.

🏏 Unleash your inner warrior. Grab a bat, don the safety gear, and vent your disappointment in a way that’s both therapeutic and exhilarating.

🌪️ Let the shattered glass be the echo of your frustration! Book now and turn your cricket heartbreak into a smashing victory over stress. Remember, it’s not about the match; it’s about the comeback.

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Please pre-book an available slot before visiting us.


At Rage Room, we believe that dealing with stress shouldn’t be dull. We’re redefining stress relief with our unique approach that combines liberating fun with therapeutic benefits.

Imagine a place

where releasing stress is not only freeing, but also exhilarating… Come solo or with your friends and let it all flow out.


Don’t bottle up your emotions. Smash them!

Turn your frustration into art. Unleash your inner Hulk on breakables. Blow off some steam, cool down, and repeat.

Safe & private space for releasing pent-up emotions. 1500+ satisfied customers.

Transformation therapy

Inspired by Brené Brown’s approach – Combined with our in-house GPT technology and rage room release.

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Benefits of rage room

Get an opportunity to be bad in an environment where being bad is good. 

Better health

Release endorphins, boost mood, and improve overall health by physically relieving stress.

SElf Awareness

Develop self-awareness, learn to manage emotions, and boost confidence by triggering survival instincts.

Close bonding

Smashing things with your loved ones makes you both laugh and create fun memories together.

Your Safe Sanctuary


Feeling overwhelmed? Or do you just need a break from your daily life? Fed up with using traditional methods to release your stress?

You can finally relieve yourself of built-up tension in the rage room. A place where you’re allowed to be angry, wild, and free with just one rule – safety first.


1. Put on safety gear – Jacket with shoes, face shield, gloves, helmet

2. Weaponize your frustrationHammers, rods, guns, punching gloves, we’ve got it all

3. Get into cardio modeCrank up the music and smash away the things in sight (except the actual room itself)

4. Leave happy without consequencesZero worries about cleaning up – we take care of that for you

What are people saying about us?

I went into the rage room experience with a heavy heart after my boyfriend cheated on me, but I emerged with a renewed spirit. The act of breaking things was surprisingly therapeutic, and I discovered strength I didn’t know I had! – Sneha Sharma

If you want the full rage room experience, Tree package is the way to go. The extended session with the TV allowed me to fully immerse myself and experience profound transformation. I left feeling empowered and ready to face anything! – Aditya Verma

Breaking stuff never felt so therapeutic until I tried ‘this package. It’s an extraordinary way to vent your frustrations and embrace the power within you. Can’t wait to come back! – Siya Verma

Sapling package allowed me to explore a different side of myself. Breaking things might seem unusual, but it’s incredibly liberating. I left with a sense of renewal and newfound courage! – Nikhil Desai

This package is my go-to therapy for a bad day. Armed with weapons, I channeled my frustrations into every strike. By the end of it, I was ready to conquer the world! – Priyanka Joseph

I can’t believe how cathartic this experience was! Shoot package gave me a safe space to let loose and release all my pent-up emotions. It’s a rush like no other, and I’m hooked! – Mayank Agarwal.


Click on your preferred package to check available time slots.

Just ₹9 per person

1 beer bottle, 1 balloon for 1 minute

₹1499 per person

₹1350 per person (for group of 3 or more)

20 minutes in total
Per Person: 20 beer bottles, 10 balloons, 1 big sitting stool, 1 tubelight, 2 fancy vases, 3 tea glasses, 3 ceramic mugs, 2 glass bowls, 1 glass jar

Maximum items in a great combo package for a thrilling experience. 

Starting from ₹499 per person

Starting from 10 minutes

Per Person: 6 beer bottles, 6 balloons, 2 ceramic mugs, 2 tea glasses

Frequently Asked Questions

If I pay now and change my mind. later, will I get a refund?
Yes, you will get 100% refund as long as you cancel before 24 hours of your time slot via the link you get on your email. You can send us a message using the contact form or message us on WhatsApp to claim your refund with your transaction ID. For cancellations within 24-hour time period or no-shows, we refund 50% of the amount only. We also charge a 30% rescheduling fee if you want to change your time slot within 24 hours of the scheduled slot.

Is it safe for me?
It is generally safe, and you will be given protective equipment (jackets, shoes, gloves, helmet, and face shield). However, you will be required to sign a waiver to exclude us from all personal damages. We have only 0.05% injury rate which has happened only when participants were extremely careless.

More about Rage Room

Rage room, also known as Anger Room, Destruction Room, and Smash Room is first of its kind in Bangalore, but is already popular in USA and Europe. It’s a place where people can let out their frustrations and anger by breaking valuable items in the safety of the rage room. Although this may seem strange at first, it has various advantages that show why it is quickly growing in popularity across the world.

Releasing Stress

When we get stressed or frustrated, sometimes excessive built-up energy leads to bad decisions or even negative physical reactions such as headaches and increased heart rate. A Rage room offers an outlet for this energy in a safe controlled environment. This leaves stress levels lower than before entering the room.

Vent Out Feelings of Anger

The process of destroying objects is cathartic; it gives people the chance to express their emotions without causing any harm to others or themselves. With a variety of objects to pick from such as televisions, plates, furniture, computers and much more – smashing them gives people great release from their negativities and helps them feel like they have some control over their lives again.

Build Self-Confidence

Taking out one’s aggression on heavier objects such as those found in a Rage Room allows for an increase in strength training which contributes towards improved self-esteem and confidence levels. The increased confidence will result in better overall emotional health and emotional stability when facing life’s challenges outside of the rage room environment.

Foster Relationships

There are studies that show how sharing a memorable experience with someone can bring partners closer together; having fun with friends while releasing individual frustrations during sessions has proven to be beneficial to many couples looking to strengthen their bond. Enjoying each other’s company while utilizing something unique like a Rage Room acts as an effective way to build stronger relationships between couples.

Rage room Bangalore offer outlets for many positive benefits: releasing built up stress that can lead to physical pain, venting anger through constructive destruction instead of causing harm to others/self-destructive tendencies , increased self-confidence due to physical activity within the rage room setting, as well as strengthening relationships by sharing these experiences with friends or loved ones who want the same outlet for their emotions too!